A New Vaccine Paradigm

BacVax uses a bioinformatics-driven Structural Vaccinology approach with a novel delivery method to design vaccines that prevent bacterial infections.

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The BacVax Difference

The Alternative to Antibiotics

Unlimited Applications

BacVax is shifting paradigm

Bacterial vaccines effectively prevent certain diseases like tetanus and diphtheria.  However, most bacteria do not have easy targets like these toxin-mediated diseases.  Creating effective vaccines for most bacterial infections has historically been a slow, costly, and limited process. BacVax is shifting that paradigm.

Structural Vaccinology has been highly effective against viral diseases — but bacteria are larger and significantly more complex than viral infections The tools allowing us to apply Structural Vaccinology to bacterial vaccine design have only recently become available.

Using a specific methodology to map the surface of a bacteria to locate bacterial targets, BacVax constructs a complex protein: a Bacterial Vaccine Polypeptide that targets multiple bacterial surface proteins for stronger protection against adaptive bacteria — before the bacterial infection becomes a problem.

This new vaccine technology addresses bacterial infections with no current vaccine options available, like ear infections and exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.